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        Serological and Other Test Methods
Immuno-techniques, general:
  • Isotopic (radio-label):
    1. diagnostic:
      • in vivo: 
        1. labeled RBCs to determine RBC mass
        2. labeled albumin to determine plasma volume
        3. labeled vitamin B12 Schilling test for presence of intrinsic factor
        4. labeled urea (C12) to detect gastric presence of H. pylori
      • in vitro:
    2. therapeutic:
      • in vivo:
      • in vitro:
        1. I131 ablation of thyroid
        2. Bexxar: I131-labled CD20 ablation of CD20-positive lymphoma
  • non-isotopic:
  1. diagnostic:
    • in vivo
    • in vitro:
  2. therapeutic:
    • in vivo:
    • in vitro:
      1. Herceptin attacks HER-2 positive breast cancer
      2. Rituxan: attacks CD20-positive lymphoma

Miscellaneous methods:

  • RIA: radioimmunoassay
  • EIA: enzyme immunoassay
  • ELISA: enzyme-linked immunoassay (1970): a method to quantitate antigen; sample goes into tube coated with bound antibody which plucks the antigen out of the specimen; tube then washed and an enzyme-labeled antigen of the type as the test is determining is then added in excess so as to be plucked out by any coated antibodies left unbound....then tube washed and enzyme tag activated for detection. The amount of patient-specimen antigen is inversely proportional to the intensity of the enzyme-label reaction.
  • IRMA: immunoradiometric assay
  • MEIA: microparticle enzyme immunoassay
  • IEMA: immunoenzymatic assay

Methodology Guide

Separation Analyses:

       EP Electrophoresis (protein separation)
       FC Flow Cytometry (cell separation)

Soluble Antigen-Antibody Reaction Assays:

        ID Immunodiffusion
        RID Radial immunodiffusion
        CIE Counterimmunoelectrophoresis
        IEP Immunoelectrophoresis
        IFIX Immunofixation

Particulate Antigen-Antibody Reaction Assays:

        DA Direct Agglutination
        HA Hemagglutination
        LA Latex Agglutination (Latex Particle Agglutination)
        CoA Coagglutination
        HI Hemagglutination inhibition
        NEPH Nephelometry

RBC Lytic Assays for Detecting Antigen-Antibody Reactions:

        CF Complement Fixation
        Nt Neutralization

Immunohistochemical Assays:

        FA Fluorescent Antibody
        DFA Direct Fluorescent Antibody
        IFA Indirect Fluorescent Antibody
        ACIF Anticomplement Immunofluorescence
        ABIF Avidin-biotin Immunofluorescence
        Micro-IF Micro-immunofluorescence
        IP Immunoperoxidase
        ICA Immunocytochemical Assay

Immunoassay Procedures:

        RIA Radioimmunoassay
        IRMA Immunoradiometric Assay
        RAST Radioallergosorbent
        FPIA Fluorescence Polarization Immunoassay
        CIA Chemiluminescence Assays
        EIA Enzyme Immunoassay
        EMIT Enzyme-multiplied Immunoassay
        ELISA Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay

IgM Antibody Capture


Hybrid capture II (Digene's HPV test)

        MEIA Microparticle Enzyme Immunoassay
        RIPA Radioimmunoprecipitation Assay
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