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An authoritative, orderly source on cancer & many other issues started in 1989 by Drs. Rose & Rush & now with over 3000 physician authors involved: UpToDate
A massive web directory is Eric Rumsey's Hardin meta directory
Mayo Clinic "disease files for patients"
VisualDX Health about diagnosing skin problems.
Family Practice Notebook has much on diseases, odd syndromes, etc.
Find doctor-produced info about diseases and procedures on or UpToDate
(which also includes subscription-level physician info).
A great resource is PathMax
A very unusual and wide-ranging source...part of which is The Pathology Guy.
And here is another pathologist's site, Paul K. Shitabata, M.D. 
Another is Michigan's Nat Pernick's (lawyer turned pathologist)
Pathology Outlines.
Another is Stanford University's Surgical Pathology Criteria website
Layperson site for causes of test abnormalities, symptoms,
and about diseases
A "differential diagnosis" site (site is named "Wrong Diagnosis?") for causes of symptoms & signs and notes tests likely used to work out the correct diagnosis.
MedlinePlus has disease, medication, and other information...much detail.
Consumers & health professionals might try: Medscape,
Allref Health Channel
, and eMedicine for disease categories, problems causing certain symptoms or signs, or info about specific diseases.
Check out Medical Crossfire topical debates and join
and file your own views.
Explanations of tests in ordinary language (for persons not primarily in the medical field as professionals) can be found in a non-commercial site sponsored by at least six professional organizations and coordinated by the American Clinical Laboratory Association [] (and/or in the above links and other links in this paragraph and this entire website). Or, check the lab area of Family Practice Notebook. More technically, check the test index table and diagnostic algorithms on the Specialty Labs test index, and/or the tests and interpretative guide at Quest Diagnostics (go to healthcare professionals, test menu, our regional lab is Georgia), or check ARUP Labs.
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