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        Prenatal Prophylaxis & Birth Defects Monitoring
Prenatal prophylaxis & birth defects monitoring
It makes no sense to do expensive testing if the mom and dad are not going to take action based on the results.
  • OB exam early: to detect/see any evidence of herpes or genital wart infections that might mean C-section needed; to detect diabetes or diabetic tendency; to determine blood pressure baseline so as to detect any degree of personal high blood pressure
  • Ultrasound: parents want this to see the sex & doctors the position of baby; doctors want it to look for placental attachments in abnormal...possibly life-threatening... locations, to find twins or more early, and to find obvious birth defects early
  • blood type testing of mom: to see if Rh negative; and, if so, give immune globulin (Rhogam) early so that the treatment picks off any fetal red cells in the maternal circulation early, before mom's body can mount an attack on the fetus; may retest later.
  • testing of vagina secretions for abnormal organisms: beta strep (GBS), in particular, can cause baby/placental infections
  • searching for birth defects in order to either consider abortion or for post-delivery planning:
    • visual: by ultrasound
    • biochemical:
      • triple test:
      • PAPP-A:
    • placental villous biopsy for genetic testing
  • screening for STDs by serum or molecular testing or culture (most optimal thing is to clear the infection prior to pregnancy):
    • HBV: Hx of HBV hepatitis & found to be positive for HBV DNA by PCR [LMC-04-1928].
    • lues:
    • HSV:
    • GC:
    • chlamydia:
    • HPV:
    • nonspecific vaginosis (overgrowth of Gardnerella vaginalis):
    • Trichomonas vaginalis
  • other:


(posted 23 June 2004; latest addition 11 November 2004)

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