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        Decisions by Expected Lifespan and Functional Capacity
The decision to even screen for cancer...and whether to treat and by what methods...depends on (1) desires of the patient or his/her legal personal representative (if incapacitated) (2) the treating doctor's estimate of likely lifespan were there no cancer, and (3) the patient's physical condition as indicated by a performance status assessment. This table is the ECOG criteria ( K. P. S. indicates the corresponding scoring range within the Karnofsky Performance Status classification). Another method is the Kaplan-Feinstein Index.

Classification In Accordance with Functional Capacity (ECOG)

Patient completely active. Capable of performing all of his normal activities, without restrictions, before becoming ill. (K.P.S. 90-100)
Restricted in tiring, physical activities, but ambulatory and capable of doing light or sedentary work. (K.P.S. 70-80)
Ambulatory and self sufficient, but incapable of doing any work. Ambulatory during more than 50% waking hours. (K.P.S. 50-60)
Partially self sufficient, confined to wheel chair or bed more than 50% of waking hours. (K.P.S. 30-40)
Incapacitated and confined completely to bed or chair. (K.P.S. 10.20)
(posted 2 September 2003)
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