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Pathology Associates of Lexington, P. A. (PAL) began with Guy A. Calvert, Jr.,
M. D. (deceased 1987) who was hired as the then "Lexington County Hospital's" (LCH) first pathologist (hospital opened in January 1971). PAL was actually incorporated 8 March 1975, anticipating Dr. Shaw (son of a nurse & who "moonlighted" for Dr. Calvert beginning in 1973) joining Dr. Calvert. Dr. Calvert had been a highly successful family practitioner in Greenwood, S. C. for a decade when he decided to become a pathologist. His close friend, Dr. C. H. "Herb" Magruder, and Herb's chief technologist, Graham Harris (deceased), helped Guy plan and transition from his residency into the start up of the LCH lab. Ella Raymond came from Winston-Salem to be the founding chief technologist (later becoming Mrs. Calvert). This group has been pleased to give uninterrupted "point-of-service" Pathology & Laboratory Medicine services to Lexington Medical Center, the Midlands of S. C. citizens, the Lexington County Coroner, the Lexington County Health Services District, and the USC School of Medicine (Dept. of Pathology...since the medical school was founded in 1977-2010) since preparing in 1970 for the hospital's 1971 opening.

That is, our group has been a part of the outstanding professional & social fabric of Lexington County & the South Carolina "Midlands" since 1971. We focused until recently on medical services to this county alone and with an emphasis on broad general expertise of our pathologists in Pathology & Laboratory Medicine. Yet, as noted below & further detailed in each CV, there are not only areas of focused expertise, but some with special fellowship training & subspecialty Board certification. Our scope of focus is extending as the Lexington County Health Services District broadens its "footprint".

***In addition to the below, our hospital also has a page with our current photos as of December 2011; click on the "all practices' link to the right & scroll down and chose "Pathology Associates"; then click on the green "FIND" button.***

  • Guy A. Calvert, Jr., M. D., (deceased), Columbia native, USC graduate, and former family practitioner in Greenwood who went into pathology at Wake Forest under Dr. Robert W. "Bob" Prichard, with Robert P. "Moose" Morehead, Chair; founding Lexington Medical Center pathologistt & PAL founder & owner, incorporated 3/10/1975; Guy served 1971-1987.
  • Ervin B. Shaw, M.D. (emeritus status/retired), former President & former co-owner of PAL & former Director of Anatomic Pathology @ LMC; a class of 1966 Citadel grad., his hometown is Sumter, S. C.; a product of MUSC class of 1970; career began by serving @ LMC 1975-present (Chair, Gordon R. Hennigar); focused expertise in breast pathology, dermatopathology, GI pathology, uropathology, placental pathology; Board certified 1975 in Anatomic & Clinical Pathology; over 40 years forensic pathology experience. He still chairs Breast Program Leadership Committee of LMC and continues to serve on the LMC Credentials Committee.
  • John B. Carter, M.D.(emeritus status/retired), Former Vice-President & co-owner of  PAL & former Director of Clinical Laboratories @ LMC; native of Emerson, Nebraska; 3 years at the USAF Academy & early to medical school and then residency, both at the U. of Minnesota (Chair, Ellis Benson), to include a fellowship in cardiovascular pathology; career began 1974 at MUSC (where he & Ervin Shaw met) & serving @ LMC 1984-present; while in Chicago, he served with ASCP's Immunopathology Council, with regular national-meetings teaching of immunopathology CME through ASCP for a decade; while teaching at MUSC & Northwestern, medical students consistantly voted in favor of his teaching excellence, and he continued teaching for many years at the USC medical school; in earlier years in the midlands, he served two terms on the Executive Committee of the American Red Cross Blood Center Board of Directors; Director of Clinical Laboratory @ LMC; focused expertise in cardiac pathology, immunopathology, all areas of clinical pathology, neuropathology, hematopathology, transfusion medicine, and medical education; Board certified 1973 in Anatomic & Clinical Pathology; over 40 years forensic pathology experience. He continues to serve as Director of the lab's Iron Overload Program.
  • Kitt R. McMaster, M.D., (retired) career began in 1983 & serving @ LMC (upon death of Dr. Calvert) 1988-2010; a Wofford grad., his hometown is Winnsboro, S. C.; a product of MUSC (Chair, Gordon R. Hennigar); fellowship in cancer pathology @ MSKCC; hematopathology fellowship @ UNC; focused expertise in breast pathology, dermatopathology, GI pathology, uropathology, and microbiology; Board certified in Anatomic & Clinical Pathology (1981 & 1984); over 30 years forensic pathology experience. He retired at the end of 2010.
  • Beverly W. Daniel, M.D., originally a Medical Technologist, her pathologist career began by serving @ LMC 1989-present; a Columbia College grad., her hometown is Georgetown, S. C.; a product of MUSC (Chair, Gordon R. Hennigar), she also had a fellowship in cytopathology @ MUSC; focused expertise in breast pathology, dermatopathology, GI pathology, uropathology, cytopathology, and Blood Banking; Board certified 1989 in Anatomic & Clinical Pathology; over 28 years forensic pathology experience.
  • E. Jayne Moffatt, M.D., career began 1996 & serving @ LMC 1998/1999-present; her hometown is Johnson City, Tenn.; fellowship in cytopathology @ Duke; focused expertise in breast pathology, GI pathology, uropathology, and cytopathology; Board certified 1995 in Anatomic & Clinical Pathology & subspecialty Board certification 1996 in Cytopathology; about 15 years forensic pathology experience.
  • M. John Spalding, M.D.; (CV) President & co-owner of PAL as of October 2014; his career began with us in 2009 after he and Dr. Shaw met in 2008 at a PSA meeting in Charleston; serving @ LMC 7/2009-present; Director of Laboratories as of July 2013; initially a Medical Technologist, his pathologist career began in Kansas City following cum laude graduation from medical school (1996, U. of Missouri) & AP-CP residency (1996-2000) @ University of Missouri-Columbia; special dermatopathology mini-fellowship experience under Drs. Santa Cruz and Hurt in St. Louis & focused dermpath interest since; wealth of GI & liver experience (was consulting pathologist for Liver and Pancreas Institute of Kansas City), as well as breast & lung cancer, GU pathology, general surgical pathology, and clinical pathology. Board certified in Anatomic & Clinical Pathology. Over 15 years forensic pathology experience. In private practice since 2000.
  • Jeff A. Welsh, M. D. career began at Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital (P-RMH) about 1994; he joined us via Dr. Spalding in late April 2011. He is an MUSC alumnus for medical school & residency (anatomic...Chair, Gordon R. Hennigar...& clinical pathology) & thence to P-RMH. Special areas of interest and expertise: hematopathology, flow cytometry, and molecular diagnostics. In his role with the merged Columbia pathology group, Professional Pathology Services (PPS), he was Medical Director of core lab and outside labs, a Past President of the Columbia Medical Society, President-elect of the South Carolina Society of Pathologists, member of the Inter-Specialty Council of the South Carolina Medical Association, member of the S. C. State Board of Medical Examiners (licensure board), and deeply active in behalf of American pathologists as delegate to our College of American Pathologists (CAP) Washington office.
  • Jay J. Vandersteenhoven, M. D., PhD. career began at U. of Texas Southwestern (UTSW) in 1994; in 2001 via Dr. Spalding, he joined the group at Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital; he joined us in late April 2011. He is an MUSC alumnus for medical school & a Duke residency (anatomic & neuropathology) and fellowship and had a UTSW cytopathology fellowship. He is boarded in AP, CP, and Neuropathology. Special areas of interest and expertise: neuropathology, breast pathology, cytopathology, and molecular pathology.
  • Ranleigh L. Fleshman, M. D. career began in Sprigfield, Illinois in 2008; he joined us by recruitment in June 2011. He is an alumnus of Case Western Reserve (CWR) in Cleveland, Ohio where he also did a residency (anatomic & clinical pathology) followed by a cytopathology fellowship at Ohio State University & a surgical pathology fellowship at University of Alabama. He is boarded in AP & CP, as well as Cytopathology. Special areas of interest are cytopathology & microbiology.
  • T. Paul Seybt, M. D. Co-owner of PAL as of October 2014; career began with us 1 August 2011, he being a nephew by marriage. A Vanderbuilt grad., his hometown is Lexington, S. C. (& whose mother, Trudy, was a long-time nurse at LMC). He is an alumnus of USC Medical School in Columbia. His residency was at Medical College of Georgia (MCG) in Augusta (anatomic & clinical pathology). Prior to medical school, he pitched in the minor leagues on Cape Cod with the Red Soxs. His wife is an ENT from MCG and started with the CENTA group here on the same date (& now with LMC). His department chair was an ENT expert in pathology. Special areas of interest are ENT, gynecology, hematopathology, and breast pathology.
  • Olga Raetskaya-Solntseva, M. D. While she was a citizen of Moldova, she and Dr. Shaw met in 1999 in connection with church interests. Her career began with us July 2015. Born in Russia, her introduction to the medical field was through Christian humanitarian medical teams from the USA. Graduating summa cum laude from the University of South Carolina and then magna cum laude from its medical school, she completed her residency & hematopathology fellowship at Wake Forest (Chair, Julian A. "Jerry" Garvin).
  • Roy W. Phillips: Roy started with PAL 1 August 2016. He and Dr. Fleshman had worked together at one time. Roy transferred up here from a practice in Florida (and his wife taking a physician position with the LMC Urgent Care group). He is board certified in both Anatomic & Clinical Pathology and Cytopathology.


  • Ted Mitchell, P.A., senior PAL pathologist assistant; billing. Ted was preceeded by our original & standard-setting OJT'ed first PA @ LMC, Connie Watson.
  • Daniel Najim. P. A.
  • Susie B. Greenthaler, PAL on-site administrative assistant. 
  • Betty D. Shaw (retired), formerly PAL's senior administrative assistant.
  • The Lexington Medical Laboratories (LML) team (merged into LMC Jan. 2017):
    • Dr. John B. Carter, founding Medical Director
    • Sara L. Carter, founding Technical Director.
    • Donna S. Richardson, Senior Technologist.
  • "Lab Tests on Demand".

(latest update 22 Nov. 2017)

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