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This website is published by Pathology Associates of Lexington, P. A. (PAL) (1) as notes for our group's physicians (pathologists) and (2) to inform our clients about issues of importance in the medical specialty of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. By keeping the website open and unrestricted, our group's pathologists (and therefore their patients) are best served.

The information presented in this website should be viewed only as reminder information for our pathologists and should not be construed as medical advice for anyone. Importantly, it does not represent policy for our pathologists. Any opinions expressed herein are the opinions of individual pathologists or other persons and not an official opinion of Pathology Associates of Lexington, P. A. or any other entity.

Nevertheless, while the website information is for the benefit of our pathologists, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners may also find it useful. And, we've tried to write it so that interested laypersons can have access and find useful terms & synonyms for further searching, be it Internet search-engine searching or other means.

This website provides links to third-party websites as a service to the above users. We do not recommend and do not endorse the content of any third-party websites. PAL is not responsible for the content of any website to which the PAL website links. Nor are we responsible for any third-party advertisements. We do not make any representations regarding their contents or their assurances.

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