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        Iron Overload Treatment Registry

Dr. John Carter began this program as an offshoot of the transfusion service at Lexington Medical center in 1994 as a prompt, convenient, and cost-effective service to patients with all sorts of iron overload disorders. It operates within the Lexington Medical Center Department of Pathology and Labortory Medicine.

Since the service is under the direction of a physician, it is possible for a patient to enroll with us prior to an actual referral from their own primary care provider (PCP...physician, nurse practitioner, etc.).

Upon referral for assessment and treatment (therapeutic phlebotomy), our program needs to know of your referring doctor's (1) working diagnosis as to WHY you have become iron overloaded, (2) results of any key lab tests already done, and (3) any other co-existing disorders the patient has which might make it risky to draw off blood to remove iron.

  • Contact phone number: 803-791-2317 or 803-791-2409
  • Key personnell in our program:
    1. John B. Carter, M. D., Medical Director
    2. Earnestine Braye, Clinic Phlebotomist
    3. Susie Greenthaler, pathology group Admin. Assistant;

  • Dealing with many different iron overload causes (not just hereditary hemochromatosis), the registry has grown to 200 patients in 2013 since 1994. Our treatment and therapeutic monitoring protocols are standardized and very similar to those advocated by national Hemochromatosis authorities. We have discovered many unusual, unpublished patient situations so that our approach is very patient-specifically personalized.
  • References & links:
    1. CDC's iron overload info page, HERE.
    2. Iron Disorders website HERE.
    3. Iron testing, blood HERE.
    4. Iron testing, biopsies HERE.

(posted 6/12/2013; update 5/21/2016)

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