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Uterine Corpus Neoplasia
  • mesothelial: benign adenomatoid can be exophytic or even a multinodular process internalized into the myometrium [L05-5363].
  • mural:
    1. benign:
      • leiomyoma
      • nodular adenomyosis or adenomyoma
      • other benign soft tissue
      • other incidental micro: one might find eosinophilia or even non-refractile foreign material from some post-embolization proceedure [L14-3715].
    2. malignant:
      • leiomyomosarcoma
      • other malignant soft tissue
  • endometrial:
    1. prophylaxis: "intense protocol exam gynecologic prophylactic, therapy related, risk reduction hysterectomy and BS&O specimens" are part of surgery in breast cancer cases to (1) remove risk of GYN cancer in genetic positive breast cancers and/or (2) to remove ovaries in genetic negative cases that have hormone-positive breast cancers & move from, say Tamoxifen to Femara [L12-6963; B11-105]. A young Medicaid case where genetic tests not approved & surgery done and very early tubal changes seen [L14-3068].
    2. endometrioid adenocarcinoma: usually postmen. but can be premen. [L07-5221, L07-7293]. Can metastasize to ovary & present as ovarian mass & even form a nesting & fibrotiuc pattern so as to mimic malignant Brenner of ovary [L07-7293].
    3. carcinosarcoma: malignant mixed Mullerian tumors (MMMT) are worse than high-grade endometrial adenocarcinomas, have molecular expression monoclonality between the two components, and with vascular invasion and mets be more common in the epithelial component (so treatment to focus on that component1.


  1. De Jong RE, et al, "Molecular Markers...", Modern Path. 24:1368-1379, 2011; CAP Today, p86, August 2012.

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