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        John Carter, M.D., Vice-President of  PAL, 1984-present

John Carter


Career Summary Lexington Medical Center

PERSONAL: Born 1944 in Pender, Nebraska (grew up in Emerson, Nebraska); married 1979 to Saralee Lessman & grown children Robert & Mollie.


USAF Academy, Colorado (1963-65)

School of Medicine
Dr. Karl Wegner
University of South Dakota
Vermillion, South Dakota

Medical School
Dr. W. A. Sullivan
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Post Graduate:
Internship and Residency in Pathology

Department of Pathology
Dr. Jesse Edwards
Charles T. Miller Hospital
St. Paul, Minnesota 55102

Dept. of Laboratory Medicine
University of Minnesota Hospitals
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Dr. Roger Edson (Coagulation)
Dr. Robert Good & Dr. Edmund Yunis (Immunology)
Dr. Richard Brunning (Hematology)
Dr. Ellis Benson, Chairman


Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
American Board of Pathology
May 12, 1973


USAF Academy:
Dean's Merit List
Commandant's Merit List
Superintendent's Merit List

Medical School:
Payne Memorial Scholarship - University of South Dakota
Minnesota Medical Foundation Scholarship, University of Minnesota

Medical Fellow (1970-73)
Mayo Graduate School of Medicine
University of Minnesota

Basic Science Teaching Awards:
"Golden Apple" Medical University of South Carolina, 1975
"Golden Apple" University of Illinois School of Medicine, 1975
Nomination for teaching award, University of Illinois, 1978
Nomination for teaching award, Northwestern University Medical School, 1983

Service Awards:
America's Top Physicians, Consumers' Research Council of America, 2004-2005
Best Doctors, 2009-2012; 2013, 2014.


1. Research Trainee
PHS Research Training Grant 5TOL HLO 5570 (1969-72)

2. Senior Research Associate
PHS Research Grant 5ROL HLO 5694 (1972-73)
In study of: Functional Pathology of the Cardiovascular System
Dr. Jesse E. Edwards, Principle Investigator
Department of Pathology
Charles T. Miller Hospital
St. Paul, Minnesota 55102

3. Academic Staff (1973-74)
Department of Pathologic Anatomy
University of Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

4. Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine (1974-75)
Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC
Director of Hematology Laboratories, including:
Routine Hematology Section
Coagulation Section
Leukopheresis Project

Lectures in Clinical Pathology
(Hematology & Coagulation Disorders -- 32 hours)
Director of Resident Training (MUSC) in Hemato-pathology
Consultant Pathologist:
Roper Hospital & St. Francis Xavier Hospital, Charleston, SC

5. Associate Pathologist (1975-1980)
Louis A. Weiss Memorial Hospital, 4646 North Marine Dr., Chicago, IL 60640
(Specific duties included autopsy, surgical and cytopathology; Director of hematology, blood bank, microbiology, immunology, frozen blood and therapeutic pheresis sections)

Clinical Faculty of Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine, Chicago, IL (30 hours of lecture: Cardiovascular and hemato-pathology and selected topics in clinical pathology)

6. Director of Laboratories (July 1980 - Sept. 1984)
Henrotin Hospital, 111 West Oak Street, Chicago, IL 60610

Tissue, Transfusion & Laboratory Liaison Committee;
Tumor Board and Cancer Committee

Medical Executive Committee
Credentials and Privileges Committee
Infection Control Committee

Initial CAP Laboratory Accreditation: March 1982

Northwestern University Medical School:
Asst. Professor of Clinical Pathology, 1980-84;
Associate Professor of Clinical Pathology, 1984;
Clinical Pathology Lecture Series (24 hr. in sophomore course), 1981-1984

CCE Council on Immunopathology, American Society of Clinical Pathologists, 1980-1986
Blue Cross & Blue Shield "Medical Necessity Conference"; ASCP delegate, 1982
Plan & Scope Committee, American Society of Clinical Pathologists, 1983-1985.

"Inspector" - College of American Pathologists Laboratory Inspection and Accreditation Program, 1980-present

7. Lexington Medical Center, 2720 Sunset Blvd., West Columbia, SC 29169, Oct. 1985 - present

Partner, Pathology Associates of Lexington, P. A., 1984 - present Co-Director of Laboratories and Director of Clinical Pathology, 1987 - June 2013.
Chief of Pathology, 1988-90.
Chief Hospital Physician Services Department, 2005-2007.

Chief, Hospital Services Department; October 2005-present
Long-range Strategic Planning Committee; 1988-1991
Cancer Committee; 1990-present
Finance & Operations Committee; Board of Trustees; 1990-92
Chairman, Infection Control Committee; 1986-90
Chairman, Clinical Oncology Services Task Force, 1988-90
Medical Executive Committee; 1988-90; 2005-2007.

8. USC Medical School, Columbia, SC

Clinical Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, 1984 - present (Lectures in cardiovascular pathology & others)

9. American Red Cross Blood Center, Mid Carolina Region
Blood Services and Medical Advisory Committee, 1990-92
Board of Directors, Executive Committee, 1992-95
Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee, 1992-95

10. South Carolina Child Fatality Review Commission, member 1996 - 2000


1. Carter, J.B., Van Tassel, R.A., Moller, J.H., Amplatz, K. and Edwards, J.E.: Congenital diverticulum of the right ventricle. Association with pulmonary stenosis and ventricular septal defect.

Am. J. Cardiol. 28:478-482, 1971.

2. Carter, J.B., Sethi, S., Lee, G.B., and Edwards, J.E.: Clinicopathologic correlations. Prolapse of semilunar cusps as causes of aortic insufficiency.
Circulation, 43:922-932, 1971.

3. Carter, J.B., Blieden, L.C., and Edwards, J.E.: Persistent truncus arteriosus. Report of survival to age 52 years.
Minn. Med. 56:280-282, 1973.

4. Carter, J.B., Macroglobulin-producing histiocytic lymphoma of hepatic origin.
Minn. Med. 57:22-24, 1974.

5. Carter, J.B., Blieden, L.C., and Edwards, J.E.: Congenital heart block. Anatomic correlations and review of the literature.
Arch. Pathol. 97:51-57, 1974.

6. Carter, J.B., Cramer, R., Jr., and Edwards, J.E.: Mitral and tricuspid lesions associated with polypoid atrial tumors, including myxoma.
Am. J. Cardiol. 33:914-919, 1974.

7. Tredal, S.M., Carter, J.B., and Edwards, J.E.: Cystic medial necrosis of the pulmonary artery; association with pulmonary hypertension.
Arch. Pathol. 97:183-186, 1974.

8. Waller, B.F., and Carter, J.B., Williams, J.J. Jr., Wang, K., and Edwards, J.E.: Bicuspid aortic valve. Comparison of congenital and acquired types. Circulation 48:1140-1150, 1973.

9. Blieden, L.C., Lucas, R.V. Jr., Carter, J.B., Miller, K., and Edwards, J.E.: Clinicopathologic correlations. A developmental complex including supravalvular stenosis of the aorta and pulmonary trunk.
Circulation 49:585-590, 1974.

10. Sharp, J.L., Desnick, R., Carter, J.B., Blieden, L.C., Moller, J.H., and Krivit, W.H.: Cardiac Involvement in Sandhoff's disease.
Am. J. Cardiol. 34:83-88, 1974.

11. Murphy, W.C., Carter, J.B., Lucas, R.V. Jr., and Casteneda, A.R.: Myxosarcoma of the left atrium: 5 year post-operative survival.
Dis. of Chest. 67:733-735, 1975.

12. Michler, J.M., Moser, A.M., and Carter, J.B.: The safety of dexamethasone and hydroxyethyl starch in the multiple leukopheresel donor.
Transfusion, 16:170-173, 1976.

13. Carter, J.B.: Legionnaire's Disease at a Community Hospital, (letter).
Ann. Int. Med. 91:794, 1979.

14. Angres, G., Carter, J.B., and Velasco, J.M.: Unusual ring in liver cell adenoma.
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15. Carter, J.B., Wolter, R.K., Angres, G., and Saltzman, P.: Nodular Legionnaire Disease.
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16. Somer, T.C., and Carter, J.B.: Mycetoma Pedis: Report of a case clinically simulating malignant melanoma.
J. Am. Pod. Assoc. 72:353-355, 1982.

17. Carter, J.B., and Carter, S.L.: Acute-phase, IFA procedure for diagnosis of Mycoplasma Pneumonia Infection.
Ann. Clin. Lab. Sci. 13:150-155, 1983.

18. Carter, J.B., Biesecker, J.L., and Rippey, J.H.: Immuno-serology review of "the modern serology lab". American Society of Clinical Pathologists. Commission on Continuing Education, Council on Immunopathology, Chicago, 1983.

19. Biesecker, J.L., and Carter. J.B.: Immunology tests clinically relevant in the diagnosis in infections with herpes simplex, cytomegalovirus, and Epstein-Barr virus. in Diagnostic Immunology, Rippey, J.R. and Nakamura, R.M. eds, p. 252-268, CAP Press, Chicago, 1984.

20. Carter, J.B., and Carter, S.L.: Immunologic Diagnosis of Legionella and Mycoplasma Infections. in Diagnostic Immunology, Rippey, J.R. and Nakamura, R.M. eds. p. 269-288, CAP Press, Chicago, 1984.

21. Rippey, J.H., Carter, S., Hood, P., and Carter, J.B.: Problems in ANA test interpretation: A comparison of two substrates.
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22. Carter, J.B., Serologic diagnosis of Mycoplasma pneumonia infection: Introduction of an indirect fluorescent antibody procedure.
Immunopathology Check Sample 84-6, ASCP, Chicago, 1985.

23. Carter, J.B., Terzakis, J.A., Ioachim, H.L., Brunning, R.D., Ghadially, F.N., and Zucker-Franklin, D.: Foreign bodies in a case of axillary lymphadenopathy.
Ultrastructural Pathol. 8:103-106, 1985.

24. Miller-Catchpole, R., Varrakojis, D., Vardiman, J.W., Loew, J.M., and Carter, J.B.: Cat Scratch Disease: Identification of bacteria in seven cases of lymphadenitis.
Am. J. Surg. Path. 10:276-281, 1986, HERE.

25. Klein, L.E., Shmunes, E., Carter, J.B., and Walsh, M.Y.: Linear IgA Bullous Dermatosis Related to Captoptril Treatment.
Cutis 44: 393-396, 1989.

26. McMaster, K.R., Roper, J.K., and Carter, J.B.: Intradermal Hepatitis B Vaccination in a 300-bed primary care hospital: Experience with a recombinant vaccine in a four-dose schedule.
Am. J. Inf. Control 21:283-288, 1993.

27. Carter, S., Carter, J.B., and James, K.: Rapid HIV-1 Antibody Screening
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28. Carter, J.B.: Case 42-1994: Mycoplasma Pneumonia and Transverse Myelits (letter).
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29. James, K., Carter, S., and Carter, J.B.: An Automated Method for Prostate-Specific Antigen: A Clinical Evaluation of the TOSOH AIA-Pack PSA Immunology.
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1. Mitral valvular lesions secondary to left atrial myxoma; presented by Dr. J. B. Carter at meeting of Pathology Society of Great Britain and Ireland, London, England: Jan. 5, 1974.

2. Cardiopatia na sindrome de Hurier; presented by Dr. H. L. Mizara (co-author) at meeting of Medical Society of Brazil, Brasilia, Brazil, Oct. 24, 1970.

3. Coronary artery surgery in the U.S.A. -- pathologic correlations; presented by Dr. J. B. Carter at regional meeting of Pathology Society of CSSR, Martin, Czechoslovakia, Oct. 11, 1973.

4. Clinical Laboratory experience with Honeywell ACS-1000 WBC differential counter; presented by Dr. J. B. Carter at the Annual Seminar of the Nassau and Suffolk Co. Societies of Pathologists, Garden City, NY, Nov. 15, 1975.

5. Ewings sarcoma of bone marrow: Aspiration cytologic features; presented at meeting of International Society of Hematology, Paris, France, July 27, 1978.

6. Class-specific antibody determination in diagnosis of the infectious mono syndrome; presented at national meeting of American Society of Clinical Pathologists, New Orleans, March 29, 1979, abstr. in Am. J. Clin. Path 72:653, 1979.

7. Legionnaires' Disease in the Chicago community; presented at meeting of Illinois Society for Microbiology, Chicago, IL, October 27, 1979.

8. Legionnaires' Disease: Routine testing, clinical and laboratory features of six cases; presented at ASCP national meeting, Atlanta, GA, March 1980, abstr. in Am. J. Clin. Path. 75:865, 1981.

9. A rapid, acute-phase fluorescent microscopic technique for diagnosis of Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection; presented at ASCP national meeting, St. Louis, Mo., October, 1980; abstr. in Am. J. Clin. Path. 74: 497, 1980.

10. Acute-phase immunologic diagnosis of Legionella and Mycoplasma pneumonitis; presented at XI Triennial World Congress of Pathology, Jerusalem, Israel, September 11, 1981; published in Advances in Pathology, ed. Levy, E., Permagon Press, p. 23-26, 1982.

11. Allergen-specific IgE testing by Enzyme immunoassay -- adapted from modified RAST principles; presented at ASCP national meeting, Miami, Florida, October, 1982; abstr. in Am. J. Clin. Path. 80:121, 1983.

12. Acute-phase immunologic testing for Legionella pneumonitis -- diagnostic criteria in an acute-care setting; 2nd International Symposium on Legionella, Atlanta, GA, June 20, 1983.

13. Acute-phase infectious disease serology; Chicago Pathology Society, Chicago, IL, Dec. 12, 1983.

14. Enzyme immunoassays for allergen specific IgE antibodies; XIV World Congress of Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, Washington, D.C., June 26, 1987.

15. Prostatic specific antigen by the TOSOH AIA-600 enzyme immunoassay: A clinical evaluation; presented at ASCP national meeting, Orlando, FL, Oct. 1993, abstr. in Am. J. Clin. Path. 100:319, 1993.

16. Rapid HIV-1 antibody screen using the Murex Single Use Disposable System; presented at ASCP national meeting, Orlando, FL, Oct. 1993; abstr. in Am. J. Clin. Path. 100:346, 1993.

17. Evaluation of an IgM Capture ELISA for Treponema Pallidum; presented at ASCP national meeting, Seattle, WA, March 1994, abstr in Am. J. Clin. Path. 101:395, 1994.

18. Processing Prostate Needle Biopsy Specimens for 100% Detection of Carcinoma; presented at ASCP national meeting, Orlando, FL, April 1995; abstr. in Am. J. Clin. Path. 103:507, 1995.

19. Ferguson, G., Meetze, T., Richardson, D., Coleman, J., Drociuk, D., Carter, S., Wessinger, S., Markowitz, J., Carter, J.B.: Monitoring the Response to Therapies for Bone Density Loss Using the Osteomark Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay Method.
American Journal of Clinical Pathology, 110:532, October 1998.


1. Morphologic Hematology:
Chicago, IL, Dec. 1, 1979 (ASCP Regional)
Chicago, IL, Dec. 6, 1980 (ASCP Regional)
Chicago, IL, June 28, 1981 (ASCP Regional)

2. Acute-phase Infectious Disease Serology:
Arlington, VA., July 19, 1978 (ASCP Regional)
Atlanta, GA, March 1980 (ASCP National)
Chicago, IL, April 22, 1980 (ASCP Regional)
Sioux Falls, SD, August 22, 1980 (Sioux Valley Hospital)
Miami Beach, FL, February 21, 1981 (St. Francis Hospital)
Columbus, OH, April 23, 1981 (OSMT)
Wichita, KS, November 5, 1983 (Wesley Medical Center)
Charleston, SC, April 9, 1985 (SCSMT)
Washington, DC, April 22, 1986 (ASCP National)
Orlando, FL, September 27, 1986 (ASCP National)
New Orleans, LA, October 24, 1987 (ASCP National)
Chicago, IL, March 11, 1989 (ASCP National)

3. Immunoserology Review: The Modern Serology Lab
Las Vegas, NV, October 18, 1981 (ASCP National 3 ½ hr)
New Orleans, LA, March 17, 1982 (ASCP National 3 ½ hr)
Miami, FL, October 16, 1982 (ASCP National 7 hr)
Chicago, IL, April 13, 1983 (ASCP National 7 hr)
San Diego, CA, May 21, 1983 (ASCP Regional 3 ½)
St. Louis, MO, October 20, 1983 (ASCP National 7 hr)
Las Vegas, NV, March 7, 1984 (ASCP National 7 hr)
New Orleans, LA, October 27, 1984 (ASCP National 7 hr)
Chicago, IL, March 30, 1985 (ASCP National 7 hr)

4. The Clinical Immunology of Allergy: Basic Mechanisms and Laboratory Diagnosis
Orlando, FL, September 28, 1986 (ASCP National)
New Orleans, LA, October 25, 1987 (ASCP National)

American Society of Clinical Pathologists (Fellow)
College of American Pathologists (Fellow)
American Association of Blood Banks
American Society for Microbiology
Lexington Medical Association
South Carolina Medical Association
American Medical Association


Board of Directors, 110 Lakeshore Drive Condominium Assoc. (Chicago) 1980-83

Board of Trustees Executive Committee, Heathwood Hall Episcopal School, Columbia, SC, 1995 - 2001 (Chair, Education Committee).


Post-graduate course, Mayo Graduate School of Medicine
Dr. John Coe, Professor of Forensic Pathology 1970-73

CME Seminars in forensic pathology (multiple) 1975 - present

Acting Medical Examiner, Dakota and Washington Counties, MN.
Approx. 200 forensic autopsies 1970-73.
Certified as expert witness in child abuse case in Washington Co.

Forensic pathology service Lexington County, SC 1984 - present

Approx. 500 forensic autopsies.
Certified as expert witness in multiple homicide cases.

SC SIDS Coalition -- Charter member.
Sponsored seminar on Sudden Infant Death, Dec. 1994.


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