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        Ervin Shaw, M.D., President of  PAL 1975-present



I. Identification: [BRIEF summary

1. Ervin Bartow Shaw, Jr., M. D., resident of the state of South Carolina from 1943 to present.

Tel: (803) 791-2411 (work)

FAX: (803) 791-2331

E-mail (professional):

2. Licensure: State of South Carolina, July 1981, by Flex exam.

3. Religion: Christian, Protestant (grew up in Trinity United Methodist Church [Sumter], then returned to church at Northside Baptist Church...Southern Baptist [West Columbia], then in Zion Lutheran Church...ELCA).

4. Politics: conservatively Independent, right to life, constitutionally balanced, less government, anti-gambling (traditionalist...not secularist...readily willing to change for the better but not "secular progressive").

II. Education and Certification:

1. The Citadel, 1962-1966, graduated June 1966, BS pre-med.; member of '62-'63 Southern Conference Champion Swim Team; member at The Citadel of The Round Table; "L" Company Commander '65-'66.

2. Medical University of South Carolina, June through August 1965, Summer gross anatomy course where I was under the remarkable influence of embryology teacher, Elsie Taber PhD & M. H. Knisely, PhD. Dr. W. M. McCord was my freshman chemistry professor & later, President.

3. Old Columbia Hospital, June through August 1968, Summer externship in ER, Medicine and OB-Gyn.

4. Medical University of South Carolina, October through December 1969, Winter externship in radiology.

5. Medical University of South Carolina, 1968 through June 1970, Bacteriology night on-call employee (STAT CSF Gram stains).

6. Medical University of South Carolina, 1966 through 1970, president of S. C. chapter Student American Medical Assn. '66-'67; joined Phi Rho Sigma medical fraternity (which had Isle of Palms frat house...I was treasurer & house chairman 3 years) in 1967; graduated June 1970, M. D. degree.

7. Medical University of South Carolina, July 1970 though June 1971 straight pathology internship.

8. Medical University of South Carolina, July 1971 through June 1975, Pathology resident. (Chief Resident July 1973 through June 1975). Gordon R. Hennigar, M. D., Chairman; W.A. Gardner, Jr., M. D., Clin Path Director; H.R. Pratt-Thomas, M. D., R.A. Harley, M. D., Charles Webb, M. D. in surgical pathology; Jane Upshur, M. D. in pediatric pathology; Charles Garrett, M. D. in forensic pathology (Dr. Joel Sexton was the forensic fellow); John B. Carter, M. D. in hematopathology and coagulation. From about 1973-75, "moonlighted" at Conway Hospital (Dr. Bill Delia), Georgetown Hospital (Dr. Bill Fairey), Myrtle Beach Hospital (Dr. Bill Fairey), and Lexington County Hospital (Dr. Guy Calvert). To stay in Charleston, I considered maybe going into practice with Dr. Forde McIver. I initially wanted to go into Radiology because of the huge amount of respect I had for the department chairman, Dr. Harold S. Pettit. I had taken a month elective in Radiology my junior or senior year (I especially liked Dr. Mac Hughes who became the first Radiologists at Newberry Hospital. I had a letter of acceptance for residencies in both Pathology & Radiology. But, Dr. Pettit announced his stepping down as chairman just as I started the pathology internship; so, I stayed in pathology...which I was really enjoying.

9. American Board of Pathology, Board Certification in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, November 8, 1975.

10. Continuing Medical Education:

A. American Medical Association, Physicians Recognition Award (Continuing Education Certificate), every 3 years, consecutively, 1973 through 2008.

B. ASCP-CAP Pathology Continuing Education Certificate, earned every 3 years consecutively beginning in 1976 (until program stopped in 1980's).

B. CME Courses, 1975-2014, memorable instructors: (1) A. Bernard "Bernie" Ackerman is the most thorough and intelligent human I ever knew, and the multiple courses I took under him formed a way for me to deal with dermatopathology (I'd had no medical skin pathology train ing in residency). (2) Rodger C. Haggitt was as fine of a teacher of GI CME as ever lived (and an excellent expert consultant to those of us in general practices on the "front lines"). (3) Doug Shanklin opened my eyes early in my practice to the importance of pathology of the placenta.

III. Academic Positions:

1. Medical University of South Carolina, July 1972 through June 1974, Teaching Fellow in pathology.

2. Medical University of South Carolina, July 1973 through June 1975, Chief Resident in Pathology.

3. Medical University of South Carolina, July 1974 through July 1975, Instructor in Pathology.

4. Medical University of South Carolina, November 11, 1975 through June 30, 1981 Clinical Associate in Pathology.

5. Medical University of South Carolina, July 1, 1981 to 1988, Clinical Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.

6. University of South Carolina Medical School, July 1, 1976, through July 13, 1981, Clinical Assistant Professor of Pathology.

7. University of South Carolina Medical School, July 14, 1981 to 1999 & 2003-?, Clinical Associate Professor of Pathology; 2000-2002 Basic Science Research Associate Professor of Pathology.

8. Medical University of South Carolina May 1, 1989 to ?, Clinical Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.

IV. Medical Associations and Society Memberships:

1. Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, 1969-1975 & 2000-present.

2. Charleston County Medical Society, 1971-1974.

3. South Carolina Medical Association, 1971-present.

4. South Carolina Society of Pathologists, Nov. 11, 1972 to present.

5. American Society of Clinical Pathologists, March 16, 1973-2015; elected to Fellowship April 9, 1980.

6. Student American Medical Association, 1966-1970; elected South Carolina President for 1968 through 1969.

7. The American Medical Association, 1971-2013.

8. International Academy of Pathology (USCAP), March 20, 1974-present.

9. Charleston Society of Laboratory Medicine, 1974-1975.

10. Columbia Area Pathology Society July 1975 to 1995; Coordinator/President, May 1976 through May 1980.

11. Columbia Medical Society, February 1976-August 1979.

12. Lexington Medical Association, September 1979-present.

13. American Society for Microbiology, 1975-1977.

14. College of American Pathologists (member #0087243), elected member and to Fellowship, July 15, 1976-present.

15. South Carolina Society of Cytology 1995-2005(?).

16. International Society of Breast Pathology (ISBP) 1999-2011(?).

17. National Society For Histotechnology (NSH) 2003-2010-(?).

V. Hospital Medical Staff Positions:

1. The Clarendon Memorial Hospital, Manning, SC: Courtesy Staff, December 19, 1974 through June 30, 1975; Consultant in Pathology, June 1973 through June 1975.

2. The Lexington Medical Center, West Columbia, SC:

A. Co-Director of Laboratories, my part,12/1/87 to 6/30/2013.
Director of Anatomic Pathology 12/1/87 to appointment of interim coverage 1 April 2012 for a couple of months which actually went through & to the point ending my part of the Directorship 6/30/2013.

B. Chief of Hospital Based Physician Services (one of 4 departments beginning 2008) Dept. July 2008-9/30/2011. Chief Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine (reorganization of 4 departments into 17 in 2011) 1 Oct. 2011-30 Sept. 2012.

C. Chief of Pathology (or Section of Pathology) 1978-1980, 1982-1984; 12/17/87-10/88; 9/95-9/97; June 2000-9/30-2011; October -December 2011.

D. Vice Chief of Pathology 1976-1977, 1980-1982, 1985-1987, October 1988 to October 1990.

E. Continuing Medical Education Committee, October 1976 through September, 1978.

F. Surgical Case Review (Tissue) Committee, May 31, 1977 - October 1988; Chairman, May 1977 through September 1980, and October 1984 through October, 1988.

G. Credentials Committee, October 1976-present; Chairman October 1, 1978-November 1, 1982, and then, accepted chairmanship duties but gave up designation (but not function) of chairmanship due to a conflicting medical staff issue, and then returned to chairmanship October 1984-5 Jan 2012 (a 33+ year span), continuing as committee member through Sept. 2016.

H. Medical Executive Committee Ad Hoc Committees:

a. Guidelines for Visiting Students and Doctors, May through September 1977, Chairman.

b. Affiliated Professional Committee, December 1981-1993, Chairman.

c. Emergency Room Privileges, January through February, 1982, member.

d. Advisory Committee for Certified Nurse Mid-Wife Monitor, June 1982-1985, Chairman.

e. OR Tissue Bank - May 1985.

H. Quality Assurance Committee, October 1988 to 11/90, member.

I. Cancer Committee member, April 1990-June 1991; June 1997-March 2014 & thereafter the desinated alternate, April 2014 to the present.

J. Radiation Safety Committee 1983 through 10/31/92.

K. Active Staff Member, July 1975-present, Pathology; then Hospital Based Physician Services Dept., Section of Pathology; then Dept. of Path. & Lab. Med.

L. Multidisciplinary Oncology Conference coordinator, March '93-February 2001; regular attendee.

M. Cancer Committee's ad hoc Breast Health Services Steering Committee member 1997-2001...founders of the LMC Breast Program...& chair 1999-July 2009 (& influencing outcomes of the program through the weekly Breast Oncology Conf.) and was officially resurrected as a key committee 8/4/2009 for purposes of structure & minutes, Dr. Shaw continuing as chair, 2009-25 August 2016 (under the resurrected committee name of Breast Program Leadership [BPL] Committee).

N. Multidisciplinary (weekly, prospective) Breast Oncology Conference Co-ordinator Aug. '99-2014; regular attendee 1999-present.

O. Medical Executive Committee: 1980-present, when Chief of Pathology; as vice-chief Hospital Services Dept, 9/03-05 & chief July 2008-Dec. 2011.

3. Charter Rivers Hospital, West Columbia, SC, Consulting Staff, February 1983-April 1985 (Lab Director); Consulting pathologist May 1994-January 1996.

4. Providence Hospital, Columbia, SC, Courtesy Staff, August 1986-August 1992.

5. Day Hospital at St. Andrews Medical Park, Irmo, SC November 1986-August 1992 at which time this facility merged with Lexington Medical Center; Lab Director - 11/86 to 8/04.

6. LMC-Swansea - Lab Director - 5/96 to 6/99; June '00 to 8/04.

7. LMC-Batesburg-Leesville, LMC-Gilbert, LMC-Chapin - Lab Director - June '00-8/04.

8. LMC-Lexington - Lab Director - 9/01 to 8/04.

VI. Lexington Medical Center Activities/Memberships, Other;

1. Hospital Administration:

A. Library and Learning Resources Advisory Committee December 1976-1982, Charter member appointment.

B. Support Group Network - Founder and Medical Advisor, April 1986-present.

C. Risk Management Committee member 1985.

D. St. Andrews Center Task Force 1985.

2. Hospital Board of Trustees:

A. Community Health Education Advisory Committee, June 1980-May 1981, Charter appointment.

B. Operations and Finance Committee, October 1980 through May 1982, appointment.

C. Cost Effectiveness Committee, October 1, 1978 to 1982.

VII. Lexington Medical Association:

1. Charter member, September 1979-present.

2. Board of Censors, September 1979-1984 member; 1985 to August, 1989 Chairman; August 1989 - 10/1/90 Vice Chairman; 10/1/90 -2008-? , Chairman.

3. Health Planning Committee, May 8, 1980-1990.

4. Elected Treasurer, June 12, 1980 through July 1, 1982.

VIII. Columbia Area Pathology Society: member, 1975 to 1995; Coordinator/President, May 1976 through May 1980. Disbanded about 1990.

IX. South Carolina Medical Association:

1. Member, 1971 to present.

X. South Carolina Society of Pathologists:

1. Member, 1972 to present.

2. Representative to Specialty Society Advisory Commission to S.C. Medical Association Council, January 16, 1977 to 1982.

3. Alternate delegate, activated to attend April 1979 S.C. Medical Association Meeting; alternate, 1984.

4. Special delegate for April 3, 1979 Washington, D.C. Meeting with S.C. Congressional Delegation concerning S505.

5. Chairman, CPT-4 Coding Committee, January 1980 to 1990.

6. Liaison member to College of American Pathologists Workload Recording Committee, September 1980 to 1982.

7. Delegate to College of American Pathologists, November 1980 though November 1984, Delegation Foreman November 1984-November 1986; (alternate for Spring of 1979 Meeting).

8. Member Ad Hoc Committee for Third Party Reimbursement, Fall 1983 to 1985.

9. Ad Hoc Medicare prevailings, December 1984-1985.

10. Ad Hoc DHEC cytology, December 1984-1986.

11. President-elect 1984 (resigned position).

XI. College of American Pathologists:

1. Member and Fellow, July 15, 1976 to present.

2. CPT-4 Ad Hoc Advisory Task Force to Council on Laboratory Administration, August through November, 1980; Frank Matthews, M. D., Chairman.

3. Member of House of Delegates, as noted above.

4. Liaison to Workload Recording Committee, as noted above; 10/84.

5. Consultant to 1982-83 CPT-4 Task Force - H. H. Stumpf, M. D., Chairman.

6. House Delegates, Reference Committee member, October, 1986.

XII. Business and Medical Related - Community and other:

1. American Red Cross, S.C. Midlands Chapter, Medical Advisory Committee, August 25, 1976 to Jan. 1990.

2. Medical Laboratory Technician Program, Advisory Committee, Medical University of South Carolina College of Allied Health Sciences, November 1974 to December 1979.

3. Founder, "Midlands Area Support Group Network" (1986), (VI, 1.,B.) above.

4. Large case collection of specimen material for medical student slide sets, 1980-1987, donated to USC Medical School, Pathology Department.

5. Founding Member (1989), Lexington Medical Center Foundation, annual member of Founder's Society through 2005.

6. Area Medical Director, (PDL) Professional Diagnostics Laboratories, Florence, SC, Sept. 1992-Aug. 1994. PDL sold to NHL.

7. Lexington Medical Laboratories, West Columbia SC, President and Co-owner, 11/85 to present.

8. Pathology Associates of Lexington, P.A., Lexington, SC, partner/co-owner, 1978-present, co-owner & president, 1987-present.

9. Pathology Service Associates (PSA): founded after sale of PDL (XII, 6., above), with our group being in a client-billing business relationship with PSA since November 1995 & after sale in 2007.

10. Inclusion in "Best Doctors, Inc." database (by their invitation only) for the periods 2003-2004, 2007-2008, 2009-2010, 2011-2012, 2013, 2014.

XIII. Non-Professional Memberships and Interests:

1. 1959-Earned Eagle Scout Award, followed a year later by The Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America.

2. 1956-59 Sumter Elk's Club swim team; 1959 State of South Carolina annual meet, 3rd place, 50 meter free-style and 200 meter free relay. Citadel swim team 1962-63 (the team was Southern Conference champion).

3. High school football team co-captain and fullback, Edmunds High, Sumter, South Carolina 1961; team member, 1959-61.

4. Boys State selectee from Edmunds High School (declined because of a summer job commitment) 1962.

5. Association of Citadel Men, 1966-present.

6. Brigadier Club (The Citadel), 1966-1998.

7. S.C. Historical Society, 1970-1987.

8. Sumter County Historical Society, 1970-1987; 2000-present.

9. University of South Carolina athletic Scholarship Donor (with Guy A. Calvert Jr., M. D.) 1976-1987.

10. June 1978 through June 1980 - Irmo Elementary School, Parents Advisory Council Member, public education.

11. September 3, 1980 through May, 1982, elected member of Board of Directors of PAGE-5 (Parents Active in Gifted Education); organization member, September 1980 to 1983.

12. Northside Baptist Church (1990-8/2003) activities and other Christian activities, 1990 to 8/2003. Zion Lutheran Church 12/2003 to present (member of church council 12/2005 to 12/2008; 2008 Call Committee member bringing Pastor Bupp).

13. Hobbies/interests: Church activities; family activities; genealogy; the Internet: Creator/designer and administrator of 


Ervin B. Shaw, Jr., M. D.


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[CV as of 2 October 2017]

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