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        Screening for urinary tract urothelial cancer

Urinary cytology ordered by urologists on patients referred to them had been the mainstay of cancer screening prior to 2000. Then some molecular tests began to suppliment and/or replace cytology, with the hope of avoiding confusion over reactive cells found vs. low-grade cancer. Now, office based tests such as NMP22/BladderChek are being marketed directly to primary care physicians.

An unassailable recommendation is that any high risk patients with gross or microscopic hematurai or other urinary tract symptoms potentially get the fullest array of expertise when referred for the mainstay, gold-standard of cystoscopic screening. However, in our complex society, there are often numerous complicating circumstances and issues. So, a quick "bedside" test might allow a type of "urgency triage" as a way to temporize in the face of such complications.

Check this unbiased, expert website, scrolling down to "laboratory tests", in order to see commentary about these office-based tests (HERE).

We have made the NMP22 noninvasive, waived test available in our system as one way to temporize the decision to refer the patient to the urologist (decision tree with hot spot links to a JAMA article & to an on-line risk calculator HERE).

(posted 16 May 2010; latest update 8/5/2010)

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