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If your bill has a high "cash-due-from-you" balance due, contact our billing company right away. As with most medical service providers, our fee schedule has had to be limited in flexibility in order to deal with all of the automated functions required in the billing & collections industry.

In the "olden days", the "deal" on medical treatment was between the doctor and the patient. Those days are gone, as to billing and payment for services rendered. Our group contracts with a professional pathology billing service (Pathology Service Associates, LLC in Florence, S. C.). And a number of additional local people involved with our practice are involved in attempting to correctly process your situation and file it for you with your insurance coverage. There are thousands of insurance plans, and many different sets of rules.

Make sure that we have your correct insurance information in force on the date that our services were rendered or they probably won't cover your claim:
American Medical Association's brief, one page summary of health insurance basics.
Top reasons our claims for services to you get denied by your insurance company.
Our group is contracted with these insurance plans.
By your medical event, check our group's fee charging: WHY you might have been billed by us
We want to be as much of a help as reasonably possible, and you can help us to help you. **About Health Insurance: how to help yourself and get help***. But, in the final analysis, the responsibility to keep things moving toward successful settlement of claims & payment of coverage on your bills is yours (the patient's or patient's personal representative is ultimately responsible).
You are encouraged to securely submit initial or additional billing information "on-line" by internet to our billing company's web site. If you have more policies than a primary and secondary, submit information in the comments box. For successful processing of your claim, it is vital that we have precisely correct insurance information:
sending your additional insurance info to our billing office through the web
E-MAIL at ANY TIME: Corresponding with billing office by e-mail or on the above web site has the advantage of 24 hour per day, 365 day per year access. ALWAYS indicate your name as correspondent AND the name and the account number that is on the bill or notice from our practice.
Remittance address: As of 2015, payments are to =
P. O. Box 896156
Charlotte , NC 28289-6156

Phone: 877-268-1012 (Hispanic interpretation available)
FAX: 877-268-1254

Monday-Thursday, 8 am-9pm EST
Friday, 8am-8 pm
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An additional note about our billing is posted within the Lexington Medical Center web site.
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