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        Serum troponin
       Beginning at 0001 on Monday morning 2/18/08 we will begin using a new formulation of the Troponin reagent that will increase the sensitivity of the assay. The new reference ranges will be:

<0.034 ng/ml = normal

0.034-0.120 ng/ml = reflects minimal myocardial damage

>0.120 ng/ml = probable AMI

Data from the manufacturer, published studies, and our own inhouse studies have verified these ranges.

Alert values will be called on any value 0.034 ng/ml or greater.

As always, serial sampling is recommended.

Non-AMI causes of low-level transient elevations include:

  1. CHF, acute exacerbations with myocardial ischemia
  2. hypertensive cardiomyopathy with myocardial ischemia
  3. hypertrophic cardiomyopathies with myocardial ischemia
  4. active myocarditis
  5. acute pulmonary embolism with acute ischemic myocardial strain
  6. cardiac trauma (ncluding cardiac surgery)
  7. medication toxicity (including chemo of cytotoxic or other types)
  8. cocain, vasospastic or toxic effects
  9. heart transplant rejection
  10. following baloon orn other angioplasty (cases with either peripheral operative microemboli or prolonged coronary arterial procedural occlusion).

A copy of our explanatory Feb. 2008 Lab Newsletter is available on request @ 936-8226

(posted 12 May 2008; latest addition, 14 August 2008)

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