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        EPCA & EPCA-2 (early prostate cancer antigen 2)

WATCH OUT1!! BUSTED...research retracted (see reference link, below)!!

This serum test is being developed by way of Johns Hopkins University & UPMC. As with many projected tests, there are hopeful claims to outperform current tests. The promoters note in late 2007 that the test is not likely to be ready for market before 1.5-2 years from now and would likely take YEARS of use to supplant PSA testing. It is claimed to be more sensitive and specific than PSA. Some claim that it will be able to discern whether prostate cancer is still confined to the gland or has become extraglandular.

DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH! A man is still best served by being under the care of a good primary care doctor who is very familiar with any family history of cancer and who carefully advises and executes periodic prostate cancer screening with DRE & PSA testing & possibly PCA3, when needed.


  1. Retractionwatch, January 2012...amidst lawsuits, journal retracts the publication HERE.

(posted 5 February 2008; latest addition 20 February 2012)

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