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        Hereditary Non-polyposis Colon Cancer (HNPCC) Polyp Test

The HNPCC screening test utilizes paraffin embedded normal and tumor tissue to detect microsatellite instability and mismatch repair protein expression. The optimal situation is for pathologist to be notified in advance that testing is desired, because 10% NB formalin is the fixative of choice. If the test is desired "after the fact", we do the best that we can to provide the B5-fixed tissue block to Mayo through our main reference lab (such as Quest) [Mayo test code #17073].

  • Current lab info:
    • specimen: paraffin block of the polyp
    • patient history
    • family history
    • copy of pathology report
    • test set up every Wednesday
    • turn-around time (TAT): 14-21 days
    • cost: no less than $920 (as of 12/17/01)
    • CPT-4 codes involved: 80500, 83912, 83890, 83894, 83898, & 88342 (x3)
  • Clinical notes about this screen:
    • if the screening test is "positive", one then goes to a "blood test". Germline DNA is isolated from whole blood. The exons, including intron-exon boundaries, are amplified by PCR; and the PCR products are sequenced in both directions.  The sequences are compared to the published sequences for the respective genes.  Sequence alterations are compared to published polymorphisms and mutations.  However, large genomic deletions can not be assessed with this technology.  An opinion is then rendered.
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