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         Electron Microscopy Indications And Provider Sources
Electron Microscopy

Many major medical centers provide this service, and Palm Beach Pathology (Dr. Margaret Skinner) had provided the service until Dr. Skinner retired. And, we had regular e-mail communication from Jason Reidy in New York: Jason Reidy, Electronmicroscopist, Beth Israel Medical Center, NYC  (212) 420-2397;   or  In February of 2007, we saw of an EM practice founded by Peter Kolbeck, M. D. about 1999: Path Logic, Inc., Dixon, CA 95620 in 1999.

Common EM indications:

  1. Renal Biopsies (ours go to UNC...Dr. Jennette)
  2. Muscle Biopsies (ours go to EM)
Uncommon EM indications:
  1. Nerve Biopsies
  2. CNS Lesions (tissue volume permitting*)
  3. FS Deferred Dx (tissue volume permitting*)
  4. Bowel Bxs with undiagnosed diarrhea
  5. Specimens with Academic Potential
  6. rule in or rule out odd melanomas

"Tissue volume permitting" means availability of only one or a few spare cubic millimeters (not centimeters) of specimen. 

Fixation: These can indeed be in 10% NBF; and can be reserved until light microscopy is evaluated, for either E. M. or resubmission for light microscopy. True 10% formalin is as good or better than glutaraldehyde fixatives; the caveat is that bulk (5 gallon) formalin often contains harmful (for ultrastructure) alcohol contaminants that vary from batch to batch. Pre-aliquotted formalin specimen containers have never been problematic. Renals, nerve, and muscle Bx E. M. specimens should be placed in fixative without further sectioning; it is helpful to ligate muscle strips to an applicator stick. All other specimens should be finely minced in fixative and reserved or sent. 

Interpretation: The E. M. studies are for your interpretation/sign-out (I am not a Pathologist); high-mag frames will be accompanied by frames in the light-microscope range (a unique feature of my service) for context/correlation. Commentary as to the selection of frames/features and typical significance is provided. Plastic tolluidine-blue stained 1 to 2 micron light microscopy sections are also provided. 

Fee: The fee per specimen is $225.00, billable only to practices/senders...not second party. 


Jason Reidy
Pathology Department;  1-Silver-04
Beth Israel Medical Center
1st Avenue at 16th Street
New York, New York 10003

"My phone number here for any and all sorts of inquiries, at any hour (to voicemail off hours) is (212) 420-2397."

(posted 28 January 2003; addnl info added 15 April 2007)

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