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        Columnar Cell Lesion
The "flat" in FEA refers to overall sillohuette of the dilated TDLUs, NOT to the silhouette of the lining epithelial cells. ACTIONS: (1) when detected in core biopsies: excision of FEA (moreso if complex), ADH, OR CIS target area is indicated because between 10-25% or greater chance of closely associated worse lesion (upgraded diagnosis in excision); (2) when detected in excision specimen: be sure all non-fatty tissue submitted and also maybe step-cut blocks to rule out any closely associated worse lesion. ADH, ALH, CISs, and invasive cancers (especially tubular ca. or lobular neoplasia) are the "worse" lesions. ADH is not just minimal atypia; it is almost-CIS-like...not completely qualifying as CIS.

(for more detail, check "epithelial lesions" & scroll to "hyperplasia", here).

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[Posted 16 August 2005; latest addition 22 June 2013]
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