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        Anti-reticulin Antibody Test, blood

Anti-reticulin Ab (ARA) is an autoantibody which decorates the peritubular fibers, Bowman's capsule fibers, and perivascular fibers in animal kidney substrate IFA preps. We use the FLUORO-KIT test system with cryostat sections of rat kidney and stomach, and or rat liver as the substrate at a beginning dilution of patient's serum of 1:20. The use of animal tissue avoids interference from HLA and/or blood group Abs that may occur were human substrate used. Incidental Abs may show up in this system such as ASMA, APCA, ANA, ABBA, anti-canalicular Ab, anti-liver cell membrane Ab, and anti-ribosomal Ab.

In rat liver-kidney-stomach (LKS) IFA substrate systems there are 5 antibodies: R1 decorates collagen/fibrous components between hepatocytes and sinusoidal endothelial cells and peritubular and periglomerular (R2 gets the former but not the latter), and is the one with positive clinical associations1.

Associations with undetectable Ab:

  • normalcy

  • many adult gluten sensitive enteropathy (GSE) celiac cases (high false negative rate)

Associations with elevated levels:

  • untreated celiac disease in children

  • adult GSE 

  • Crohn's disease

Synonyms: anti-reticular antibodies


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(posted 9 February 2002; latest addition 4 September 2008)

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