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        Disease Transmission, Vectors
Animal and Insects Transmit Diseases
  • cats:
    1. scratches: "cat scratch disease" (CSD...Bartonella henselae) producing enlarged lymph nodes (without ulcerated skin lesion).
    2. bites: can cause severe cellulitis.
  • cows:
    1. Johne's disease: pronounced "YO-nees"; caused by M. paratuberculosis; National Milk Producers Federation estimates that the disease causes the USA dairy industry $200 million a year; some think that there may be a link of this disease with Crohn's disease (which afflicts about 500,000 USA people, most of whom are under 30)
    2. foot-and-mouth disease.
    3. mad-cow disease.
    4. brucellosis
  • dogs:
    1. bites: especially when no spleen or splenic insufficiency (DF-2 bacterium) man almost died and another did die in our hospital.
  • goats:
    1. animals or hides from some foreign countries: anthrax.
  • Rabbits:
    1. Rabbit fever due to tularemia (bacterium Francisella tularensis) from tick or deer fly bite after feeding on sick or dead infected rabbit & presents usually as an ulceroglandular combination.
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