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        Amebae vs. Histiocytes by H&E on Biopsies
Amebae or Histiocytes?
  amebae histiocytes
size of cell trophozoites 10-20 microns ave...up to 60 (hematophagic cells tend largest) [an RBC is about 6 & poly about 10] 10-20microns
shape of cell may be elongated ovals mostly round to faintly oval
nuclear size 3-4 microns 6-8 microns
nuclear morphology grayish eosinophilic & poorly visible on H&E; may see punctate central karyosome basophilic, often pyknotic, & very clearly visible on H&E
cytoplasm 1. usually vacuolated
2. often faintly amphophilic/basophilic on H&E
3. often engulf RBCs, especially if virulent strain
4. PAS may stain brightly pos. & nucleus even less visible than H&E
5. may rarely engulf other debris
1. sometimes vacuolated
2. often eosinophilic by H&E
3. may engulf RBCs
not brightly PAS pos.
4.often engulfs other debris such as poly nuclear fragments
other non-pathogenic types don't engulf RBCs  
cases S-01-14210;  S-02-2996 S-00-611; LMC-04-6634
other diagnostic modalities    
(posted 13 March 2002; latest addition 3 August 2004)
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