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        Aldolase test, blood
Aldolase, serum
[muscle Bx & comprehensive muscle lab & path link] This enzyme tends to indicate muscle disease when elevated and has been largely replaced as a diagnostic test by CPK.

normal levels:

  • normal persons
  • neurogenic atrophies1

decreased levels:

  • persons with unusually low muscle mass

increased levels:

  • skeletal muscle conditions:
    1. progressive (Duchenne) muscular dystrophy
    2. dermatomyositis or polymyositis
    3. limb-girdle dystrophy
    4. myotonia dystrophy
    5. rhabdomyolysis from any etiology...probably even critical illness myopathy.
  • liver disease :
    1. any type of hepatic necrosis (in acute viral hepatitis, tends to parallel SGPT1)
    2. hepatotoxic liver injury or necrosis
    3. carcinomatous metastasis to liver1
  • other:
    1. acute myocardial infarction1
    2. acute pancreatitis1
    3. prostatic tumors1
    4. other neoplasms1
    5. delirium tremens1
    6. intra-muscular injection of medications1

  1. A B C's of Interpretive Laboratory Data, Seymour Bakerman, M. D., PhD., 1984.
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