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This pathology group is a completely independent physician group!

Since the Lexington Medical Center opened in January 1971 (Dr. Guy A. Calvert [deceased, 1987] being the first pathologist), our pathology group (now 11 of us: Drs. Ervin Shaw, John Carter, Beverly Daniel, Jayne Moffatt, John Spalding, Jeff Welsh, Jay Vandersteenhoven, Ranleigh Fleshman, Paul Seybt, Olga Solntseva, and Roy Philips) has based its private practice (we are not hospital or LCHSD employees) within the Lexington Medical Center laboratory on the first floor of that main hospital building (I-26 @ #378) since 1971.

Harvard School of Public Health Risk of Diseases Calculators, etc.

"Test Name Index"

Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine's (@ LMC) Iron Overload/Hemochromatosis Service (and Registry).

Lexington Medical Laboratories (LML): LML, a high-powered, leading edge, autoimmune testing lab, wass separately founded & incorporated & owned and functioned in behalf of the LCHSD and few if any other clients. LML was absorbed for continuation into LMC in 2017.

PATIENTS: If you have had a specimen diagnosed by us and want to get extra information about your situation to us, call the first phone number below (we cannot immediately give out information, as a rule; but we can accept requests or take information from you pertinent to your situation). If you need to expeditiously drop off a biopsy or Pap smear specimen on yourself or another, or pick up slides for a consultation that you are having elsewhere, come to this location on the first floor in the main hospital (see below). If you are having a specimen drawn or given for a lab test, the outpatient lab can handle this on the main hospital ground floor...or use the various labs conveniently located at the various Community Medical Centers (unless you were specifically told to report to the Main Campus lab at the hospital) scattered around Lexington County or labs in medical practices in our system's MSO, elsewhere.



[PATHOLOGY LAB PHONE: at Lexington Medical Center, Pathology: 803-791-2410]

[DOCs' "head's-up" phone voice-mail messages to us 24/7/365 @ 803-791-2015]

[DOCs' 7:30AM-6:00PM weekdays on-site; on-call coverage 24/7/365 through our daily operations supervisor, 803-936-7180; or main-lab number, 803-791-2400]

[PAL's practice location...we are within the first floor laboratory area of "main hospital campus"; be sure to click also on links there to "wayfinding & parking " map in the main campus building, first floor plan, "laboratory waiting room"]

[We support our local Med Mission]

[On-line photos of S. C. places]


Point-of-service Pathology & Laboratory Medicine:

It is an imperative of our pathology group culture that we all keep in mind that each specimen we deal with is from a coworker, or a friend/relative or neighbor of one of 600+ medical staff members or of the over 5000 employees of the Lexinton County Health Services District (LCHSD). For the discerning patient, we offer patient-ordered lab tests through our Lab Tests on Demand service (the same [above] locations). We are highly capable and reliable; but, no human (physician or other) holds forth to be infallible.


Our group of privately employed professionals functions under a single policy applied to all situations: each is expected at all times to do the best personal and professional job that he or she knows how to do with the available resources and specific circumstances of the time.


Parisian pathologist and clinician Auguste F. Chomel's (1788-1858)...or was it Thomas Sydenham (1624-1689)...fundamental advice to all physicians was primum non nocere (to "first do no harm"). In approaching patients with that dictum in mind, physicians utilize the patient's historical information (the story of their present and past illnesses & health status) and physical examination (the physician using his/her senses toward diagnosis) in order to make a correct diagnosis which becomes the basis for proper treatment.

Modern technology has brought a mind-boggling breadth and depth of technology to extend the old-time physical examination down to the molecular level. Radiologists provide imaging as an extension of the physical exam. Pathologists are involved in medical staff committee work, diagnostic, leadership (lab directorate) activities over other types of testing which can be used to amplify both historical and physical examination information. Yet, to fall hastily for every new test or technology reminds us of a quip some have credited to iron-man competitor & expert breast pathologist, Michael D. Lagios: "A fool with a tool is still a fool!" Robert Green Ingersoll opines accurately, (1) "Reason, observation, and experience; the holy trinity of science." and (2) "It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense." Anatomic pathology all begins and rests on basic & proper execution of skilled & patient-well-being-focused specimen handling, fixation, sampling, and testing in order to arrive at an accurate interpretation of what the patient's physician wants to know.

The hospital-based, point-of-service, LOCAL practice of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine by pathologists credentialled (in on-going fashion, formally reviewed & approved by the other doctors in our system) and sytematically monitored in an institution-wide performance improvement (PI) program on local hospital medical staffs can have a hugely positive impact on a community (group history/philosophy). Our group of professionals operates under a single policy applied to all situations: each will at all times do the best personal & professional job that he or she knows how to do with the resources at hand. This website recognizes that the greater public can benefit from our information; so, it is not a restricted website. The website information is hoped to be a resource of sorts for our "clients" (physicians & physician extenders & their staff & their patients). But, it is posted predominantly as a voluntary & NOT mandatory, not-necessarily expert "vade mecum" (a "go with me"…a ready & handy "reminder" reference) for our pathology-group physicians. It is not medical advice & NOT "policy"!


USA Yearly Death threat (West Nile, swine flu, etc.?), context:
2,403 Americans killed on 7 Dec. 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor & 2499 Americans kiled on 6 June 1944 Normandy invasion; 2600 deaths by mechanical failures in cars; 5000 deaths crossing streets; 40,000 car wreck deaths; 300-500,000 by septicemia;
430,000 tobacco-related...110,000 alcohol-related...
32,000 and rising adverse medication reactions...30,000 suicides...
18,000/yr homicides.


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